Local teens' job hunt hopeful, despite rising unemployment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Terrell Johnson already has offers on the table as he begins his job hunt.

"I'm more confident," he said in a time when confidence and the job market aren't often associated.

Johnson just finished a month-long boot camp for computer tech skills and building computers through Workforce Partnership. 

He is one of 48 that graduated from the free program Friday. Students spent four weeks learning about computer hardware, software and putting computers together along with interpersonal skills necessary to get a job. From start to finish, the students blossom. Johnson is thankful.

"The market out there is really tough right now, especially for young adults like myself," he said.

"If you start out behind the eight ball, you never really get caught up," agreed Scott Anglemyer, the executive director of Workforce Partnership. "If we can give young people the chance to get the skills they need now and get some jobs that are in demand now, that sets them up for a career."

The computers the students assembled were presented to local non-profit agencies, empowering these students to help others and themselves.

For more information about the program, visit workforcepartnership.com/ .

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