Local veteran with PTSD killed in police standoff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local veteran suffering from PTSD is killed in a police standoff and his parents said he sought help from the VA just two days before his death.

Issac Sims’ family said he spent every day last week coming to the VA hospital, but was told on Friday that he had to wait a month to be admitted for his PTSD. Sims, 26, was an Iraq war veteran.

On Sunday, Sims got into a fight with his father outside their home on 23rd and Lawndale. A neighbor called police when Sims fired gunshots.

When officers arrived, they decided to call in the SWAT team. The standoff ended when officers shot and killed Sims.

“I said ‘Don’t shoot him, I can get there without a problem,” Issac’s father Adrian said. 

In the aftermath, his mother Patricia attempted to save anything that belonged to her son from the gruesome scene, including his bloody shirt.

Army records show Sims served in Iraq for two tours. His family said he enlisted when he was 18 years old following his father who served in the Vietnam War and his grandfather who served in the Korean War.

Sims was diagnosed with PTSD while in service and was discharged last April.

“He kind of got lost in the shuffle, slipped through the crack," Patricia said.  "I only had one son and he didn't care if he had a bed or slept on the floor, he just wanted to be helped.”

Now for this family, they are left with only memories.

"You don't get over this, justice needs to be done and people need to understand that veterans are real and PTSD is real. They need help," his mother said.

The VA said they are aware of this case and sent their condolences to the family but wouldn't comment on specifics of the case.

The police department said officers involved in the shooting are still on paid leave which is standard.

The family tells me they don't have the money to bury their son and have set up the “Issac Sims Memorial Fund” at the United Credit Union to help with expenses.

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