Maker Faire at Union Station draws thousands to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's a meeting of creative minds. The Maker Faire at Union Station is a festival of innovation and technology.

Cole Brauer, 16, has been making robots with everyday items for six years. At the fair, he was surrounded by three robots.

"This was originally a diaper champ. We got it used it was pretty bad when we first got it," Brauer said. "It's a smart phone controlled robot. I have an app on my phone I can drive it around with."

More than 200 creators are showcasing their ideas this weekend at Union Station.

Those concepts can be seen rolling about the showroom floor, or re-creating beautiful images with the help of a sharpie and string.

Scott Cooper built a draw-bot that creates 3D images.

"It's looking for the nearest darkest neighbor from where ever it is. The motors were converted to XY by the Pythagorean Theorem," Cooper said.

Cooper's draw-bot will finish its picture in 10 hours. A slow, mesmerizing process that captivated onlookers.

The Maker faire also featured robotics competitions, DIY projects, and a drum tower.

The simple yet exciting ideas of everyday people who are challenging young minds to think outside the box and create.

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