Man abandons 6-year-old boy at Kansas City fire station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 6-year-old boy was dropped off by an unknown man at Station 17 sometime Tuesday evening, according to the Kansas City Fire Department.

The man told firefighters he was no longer able to care for the boy. The firefighters brought the boy inside, gave him a soda and let him play basketball for a while before taking him to Children's Mercy Hospital.

He was then handed over to a social services agency, where he remains in protective custody.

The fire department contacted police, and investigators now want to know why the boy was abandoned.

Battalion Chief James Garrett said while the situation is unfortunate, he's glad the boy was dropped off rather than abused.

"It's not the best option, but in lieu of mistreating or mishandling a child, we'd rather have the child at the fire station," he said.

Missouri's safe haven law allows parents to surrender a child within five days after birth at a designated safe place with a guarantee of not getting prosecuted. They can still leave a child at one of those safe places for up to one year, but run the risk of facing criminal charges.

Police said anything after one year is considered abandonment.

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