Man and daughter rescued from Missouri River after canoe overturns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man and his daughter were rescued from the Missouri River after their canoe overturned.

Kansas City police said the two were canoeing on the river around 12:30 p.m. Saturday when the canoe tipped over. Both were wearing life jackets. 

The father was swept upstream and managed to swim to a boat ramp and get out of the water.

Firefighters said the daughter was able to get to some logs underneath the Bond Bridge. She beat a paddle against the logs for more than an hour to get someone's attention. The girl caught the attention of someone walking through Riverfront Park, and they called 911. 

Crews with the Kansas City Fire Department quickly rescued the girl. 

Firefighters said this situation could've been much worse.

"She was very lucky to have gotten on the top of strainer. Ordinarily the hydraulics of the water will pull you under it. Then we have a much harder time getting you at," Battalion Chief Mike Cashen said. 

Both the father and daughter are safe and back home.  

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