Man fights off intruder in Northland crime spree

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A morning crime spree ended in gunshots at 91st and North Garfield Wednesday morning.

Police say a 20-year-old man stole three cars and broke into two homes before a homeowner shot and killed the intruder in his garage. Thursday, police identified him as 30-year-old Christopher Robinson, of Kansas City, Kan.

Vince Frew lives a few houses down the street and fought off the intruder minutes before he was shot.

"Next thing I know, somebody comes up behind me, grabs me, and says ‘I need your car, man,'" Frew said.
Frew had to fight the man who finally ran up the street.

"I grabbed my gun and made a 911 call," he said.

Then he heard two gun shots.

Frew said his neighbor fought the intruder inside his home while his wife and child hid.

Police say that the neighbor then shot the intruder in his garage. Frew said his neighbor didn't know whether the intruder was armed.

"He went into the garage to get in the car and apparently tried to reach into his pocket and my neighbor needed to defend himself," Frew said.

Frew said this stranger was acting strangely.

"Talking extremely fast, but slurred it. He had kind of a dazed look on his face," he said.

But Frew supports his neighbor.

"I would have done the exact same thing he did, I've got a family, he's got a wife and family also," he said.

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