Man hopes to win contest to get new vehicle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man without arms hopes that with your help, he could win a contest for a new vehicle designed just for him. 

In 2008, we brought you the story of Colton Porter. Our crews watched when gas stations didn't provide help to fill up his gas tank, even though federal law requires it.

Right now, he drives a Chevy Cobalt with a raised seat, which allows him to get around town. But he thinks soon he will need to get a vehicle with special adaptations.

He is hoping to win a new vehicle that would have a recessed steering wheel in the floorboard.

"That would mean I would probably conserve my physical strength, wear and tear on my hips because I'm driving normally by putting my feet up on the steering wheel and part of my illness has shown me I have some limitations. So I'm hoping this will extend my driving range another 15, 20 years," Porter said.

You can vote on the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association everyday through May 11.  He already has more than 2,000 votes.

To vote go to

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