Man rushes onto stage at mayor's State of the City address in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man walked onto the stage at Kansas City Mayor Sly James' State of the City Address, knocked over a flag and spoke into the mayor's microphone before being tackled by security personnel.

James stood by calm as the man approached from behind him and his right, knocked over the City of Kansas City Flag and took a spot right next to him in front of the microphone at Gem Theater in the city's Jazz District..

"This man just got through talking about exactly what the (expletive) he ain't (expletive) did," the man said.

A security staffer then tackled the man, and the two fell out of view behind the stage.

"Well," the mayor said moments later before he resumed his speech. "That was unfortunate."

The man did not appear to touch the mayor.

The event surprised people in the audience.

"At first, I thought it was part of the thing," said Sister Berta Sailer, of Operation Breakthrough. "Then, I realized it wasn't, and I thought it's really good that he didn't have a weapon."

But at least one person watching the mayor's speech said this shows the frustration in Kansas City right now.

"Well, it just shows the frustration of the black community," retired businessman Herman Love said. "He is trying to make a point. He did it the wrong way, but it's just like Mayor James said -- it's just showing the frustration of the community."

Outside the Gem Theater, several peaceful protestors gathered during the State of the Union. They stressed to 41 Action News the man who came on the stage inside was not a part of their group.

"I didn't have time to be scared," James said after his speech had ended. "It happened so quickly. I'm just so glad my bodyguards were there."

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