Man versus mosquitoes: what you can do to enjoy being outdoors without getting bitten

LEAWOOD, Kan. - It's that time of year when the battle lines are drawn.

People trying to enjoy the outdoors are finding themselves miserable because of mosquitoes. But there's no need to worry; there are steps you can take to win the battle of man versus mosquito!

Paul Friedrichs owns United Mosquito and Fly Control. He treats homes throughout the Kansas City metro.

On Friday, Freiedrichs was at a Leawood, Kan., home checking on an automated spray system. It works much like a water sprinkler system. A timer is set and, on cue, bug spray is delivered throughout the yard.

He blames this year's mosquito problem on all the rain we had this spring and summer.

"Mosquitoes breed in water, and it only takes a little bit of standing water to be the breeding ground for a lot of mosquitoes," Friedrichs said.

His first tip for getting rid of mosquitoes is to eliminate standing water in your yard.

He also recommends the automated bug spray system or having your yard sprayed or treated regularly for mosquitoes.

Keeping your yard trimmed and your grass cut will also minimize the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"When you're outside, make sure you're wearing long pants and that any exposed area of your skin has been sprayed with insect repellent," Friedrichs concluded.

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