Man who witnessed south Kansas City triple homicide from his home speaks about scene

Jim Anderson was looking out his window when he heard gun shots, and then he saw one of his neighbors lose her life on Tuesday. 

“She came out, for some reason; she probably heard the shots too,” Anderson said. “He leveled his gun at her and shot her in the face.”

Anderson had witnessed the murder of Susan Choucroun, his neighbor in a quiet cul-de-sac. 

Anderson said he tried to call 911, but he couldn’t get through. He then called his wife and she was able to call 911.

“I just stayed inside because I knew if I came out he’d probably take a shot at me, too,” Anderson said. “I was scared. It was very scary.”

He said he had never seen the shooter before. 

Anderson said he thought the crime had something to do with George and Ann Taylor's vintage Jaguar that was sitting in their driveway. 

"George and Ann over here were attacked in their house," Anderson said. 

The Taylor's are the only victims to survive. Anderson said they were severely beaten inside their home. 

"The first I saw of them they were being taken out on a gurney and looked like they were in tough shape," he said. 

Though he was left physically unharmed, Anderson said he can't forget what he saw. 

"I think he was pretty ruthless. I understand he shot everybody in the head," he said. "That's pretty sad, really." 

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