Metro florists slammed with Valentine's Day orders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Florists across the metro are slammed with Valentine's Day orders Friday. Since the holiday falls on a week day this year, florists said they are extra busy.

Floral designers at Tobler's on 19th Street near the 18th and Vine entertainment district said it is all about impressing your valentine; and if you can do that at your lover's work, well, that's extra brownie points.

At Tobler's, they've been working non-stop since Thursday morning arranging 2,000 bouquets. In all, 150 employees are working Friday with many of them making deliveries.

Chloe Cash, one of the floral designers at Tobler's, said you wouldn't believe how much work goes into each bouquet.

"Each rose has been touched by lots of people. It comes in, someone cuts it, puts it in water, then it comes to the designers, we cut it some more, arrange it, then rearrange it. So it's a long process to do a dozen roses," she said.

Tobler's purchased 65,000 roses alone, and that doesn't even include the thousands of orders of all lilies, daisies and other popular varieties.

"It has been crazy! Phones are going crazy. Customers are coming in and out. Thousands of orders will go out today," Cash said.

Across the country, 233 million roses will be bought Friday. One out of five roses purchased will go to the buyer’s mother. Men are the primary purchasers with 73 percent of all orders; 15 percent of women buy themselves flowers.

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