Johnson Co. man shot and injured on Miami Co. highway shares his story

OLATHE, Kan. - The fear of a highway shooter is real for an Olathe man shot while driving along I-35 in Miami County last September.

People are anxiously following updates of the highway shooter in Kansas City, hoping for an arrest and justice.  That includes a Johnson County man who's recovering from the bullet of an assault rifle while driving along I-35.

The thought of driving along the highway and a bullet piercing your car and your body seems unfathomable, that's not true for Mark Vanderweide.

"There's a pop and there was pain in my leg and it started bleeding a lot. It went through my main vein and my main artery," Vanderweide said.

Mark Vanderweide's incident is not connected to the 12 confirmed shootings along Kansas City highways. He's the victim of someone's target practice with an AK-47 near I-35 in Miami County. His wife and three young children were also in the van.
"It felt so isolated when it happened to us. We didn't expect to hear about more highway shootings in the metro area anytime soon," Vanderweide shared.

Through a letter, the Miami County attorney's office notified Vanderweide that the suspected shooter would not be prosecuted because they could not prove that the actions were intentional or reckless.

"I think they were just target shooting and didn't mean to but still if you're shooting an assault rifle into a highway there's some accountability that should be there," Vanderweide said.

While Vanderweide believes the bullets that penetrated his van were intended for something else. He's hopeful that the intentions of the shooter casting fear among metro drivers, are clear.

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