Metropolitan Community College hosts mass casualty crash simulation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 550 Metropolitan Community College students participated in a mass casualty crash simulation Friday at the Penn Valley Health Science Institute.

About 60 passengers, played by students, were involved in a mock crash between a school bus and city bus.  The simulation included a smoke machine; and as soon as smoke started bellowing out from underneath the buses, students began screaming and running out of the bus.

Prior to the simulated crash, students put on makeup that made them look like they had various injuries.

First responders, also played by students, rushed into the scene to setup a field triage center. They immediately started administrating first aid, and started moving patients on to stretchers and wheelchairs befre moving them inside the Health Science Institute, which was designated as the mock hospital.

Inside the HSI, students setup a command post, a patient registrations desk, a radiology department, a surgical scrub room, an operating room, an emergency room and hospital rooms.

"MCC is at the forefront of providing hands-on experiential learning that builds upon the lessons learned in the classroom," MCC chancellor Mark James said. "This exercise will provide a huge learning laboratory for our students in which real conditions, stressors, and challenges will put them to the test and make them more battle-tested and career-ready for area employers."

After the simulation, the students brook into groups to go over what they experienced. They discussed what worked and what didn't work. Many said the simulation helped them feel more prepared.

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