Mortgage applications put on hold as government makes budget decision

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you are buying a home and are close to putting "sold" on the yard sign, not so fast. 

Branden Phillips and his new wife found the home they want to start a family in. But after a call to his lender came the news he didn't want to break to his new wife.

Their USDA loan application goes on hold until the government shutdown is over.

"We're going in essentially without that safety net we thought we were going to have," Phillips said.

So the USDA loan money they planned to use as a down payment will be gone.

Wendy McDermott/REMN says,

"First off there would be no one to approve them and second of all USDA is already running two weeks behind so any delays is going to get further behind," Wendy McDermott with REMN said.

"If we have to put that money down essentially we don't have the wiggle room that we thought we were going to," Phillips said.

Branden like other homebuyers filed for the USDA loan electronically which doesn't help either.

The house is off the market but the sellers could still walk away.

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