Most popular: Local news, viral videos and talkers dominate 2012's top clickers on

It's been a big year on, and a look at our 10 biggest clickers of 2012 is a dynamic collection of local news, viral videos, sports and politics.

No. 1: Black Friday 2012: Rush at Victoria's Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park

You might remember the video.

Hundreds of tweens gathered at the Victoria's Secret Pink store at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kan., on Thanksgiving night for the store's Black Friday deals. Moments before it opened at midnight on Black Friday, things nearly got out of hand when a push to get inside started before the gates opened.

RAW VIDEO | Black Friday rush at Nebraska Furniture Mart

In the end, cooler heads prevailed, but the incident was good for hundreds of thousands of page views on and another 45,000 views on YouTube ( ).

No. 2: Man robs Church's Chicken with samurai sword

The second most popular story on in 2012 included another piece of viral video.

WATCH | Top 15 viral videos of 2012

In October, a man walked into a Kansas City Church's Chicken armed with a samurai sword and robbed it. Nobody was injured, but police still have not named a suspect in the case.

No. 3: Smartphone picture uploads can reveal the location of your children's home, school, and play areas

Our third most popular story from this year is an oldie, but a goodie. Fueled by more than 9.6 million views on our YouTube page ( ), a Russ Ptacek investigation from 2010  into the privacy of smart phone pictures continues to draw clicks on

No. 4: Liberty mom wakes from heart surgery to find out husband, son killed

Next up in our round-up of 2012's most popular stories is a sad story out of Liberty, Mo. In June, Diane Lawson woke up from her third open heart surgery to find out her husband and son were killed in a car crash.

No. 5: Kansas City woman claims she was refused medical treatment over her politics

Rounding out the Top 5 of this year's big clickers is the story of Linda Lighton, who claims her doctor refused to treat her because she planned on voting for President Barack Obama in November's election.

No. 6: Elderly man breaks leg in jump from burning home, then returns to save wife

Acts of heroism go unnoticed every day, but that wasn't the case for a Sibley, Mo., man who showed his love and commitment for his wife. Back in March, Jim Hodkins broke his leg jumping out of his burning home, then went back inside to save his wife. Both were hospitalized.

No. 7: Missing 18-month-old found dead near Saline Co. river

Tragic stories have a way of leaving a mark on readers, and that was likely what happened in the case of an 18-month-old girl who was found dead in a Saline County, Mo., creek in July. The girl's mother, 32-year-old Lydia Iliff, was charged in October with second-degree murder, tampering, endangering the welfare of a child. Her next court date is scheduled for February 2013.

No. 8: Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster gets earful from fan after delivering Thanksgiving dinner

It seems like everybody has something to say about the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs, but not everybody has a chance to say something "TO" one of the Chiefs. So a Kansas City woman took advantage of her opportunity when Dexter McCluster came to her home to deliver a Thanksgiving turkey.

IMAGES | Kansas City Chiefs in 2012

"Y'all better start winning some games," she told the Chiefs wide receiver as they sat at 1-9 heading into the Thanksgiving weekend. "I've been praying, but y'all got to work a little bit harder."

McCluster said she definitely "gave me a pep talk," but the encouragement hasn't helped much. The Chiefs are 2-13 heading into this Sunday's final game at Denver.

No. 9: College student finds cocaine inside textbook she ordered online

The ninth most popular story on in 2012 dealt with an odd discovery inside a college textbook. In January, Sophia Stockton, a junior at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, says she found a bag of cocaine in a text book she ordered from

No. 10: Parents report bus driver used duct tape to restrain student with Asperger syndrome

Wrapping up our 10 most popular stories from the year past are the shocking allegations by a parent in Chilhowee, Mo. A mother there said in a police report a school bus driver restrained her 5-year-old son, who has Aspergers syndrome, with duct tape.

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