Mother of wandering child contacts police, had checkered past

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mother of the 2-year-old child who wandered away from home contacted police Thursday and plans to meet with them.

Through documents, we discovered the boy's mother is 22-year-old Jessica Scott.

Her son left their house on White Avenue Tuesday morning, headed down the block and nearly crossed a busy street before construction workers corralled him.

Scott wasn’t home, a caretaker was supposed to be watching her son. No one knew where the mother was.

Scott recently moved here from Indiana but still faces legal trouble there. Court documents state she was arrested on a felony count of attempted robbery in October. Since then, she's made trips back and forth from Kansas City to Indiana for court appearances-- including the appearance on March 17 when a judge sentenced her to three years of home detention and four years of probation.

Despite all of this, neighbors said she’s a good mother and what happened on Tuesday morning was unfortunate.

The state's division of family services will not comment on whether the boy is still under their care. There's no word yet whether charges will be filed in this incident.

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