Mother tells daughter's survival story after she was trapped in her car for hours

Woman uses trauma training to survive car crash

KANSAS CITY - An Overland Park woman is recovering at a Kansas City hospital after she wrecked 100 feet below a busy highway. 

Cassandra Wiggins was driving to work Thursday morning when her car hydroplaned and landed in an embankment invisible from the highway. She was trapped in her car without help for nearly nine hours.

Her mom knew something had gone terribly wrong when she received the call from her daughter’s work saying she hadn’t made it into work.

"It’s a mother’s gut and the holy spirit that told me that there was something seriously wrong, and by that point, I could just start praying that the Lord would save her until I found her,” said Anita Finney. 

Finney called the police, but says they told her they hadn’t received any calls about an accident and couldn’t report her as missing. Meanwhile, Wiggins had to use her emergency trauma skills to survive.   

“Smart girl,” said Finney, “I would have never thought of doing this, she was getting overheated at some point and so she put the mud outside in the creek on her face to cool herself down." 

Wiggins doesn't know how long she'd lost consciousness. Once she came to, she was able to reach for her phone with her foot and call 911. When she finally made it to the ambulance, her mom was there, waiting. 

"I really kept extremely calm through the help of the holy spirit until I saw the car and then I lost it,” she said.

Both relied on their faith to reunite them. 

“That's all I can attribute our strength to,” said Finney, “and I think she would say the same."

Wiggins is recovering from a displaced hip at the hospital. Doctors don’t know whether she’ll have any permanent damage.

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