National Adoption Day: Local families adopt 39 Jackson County children

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Antonio Wright, 17, said he feels like he ‘fits in' in the Rusher family.

"It's a long process, sometimes way too long and Antonio, who we are adopting today, has lived with us for over four years and we're just to this point," Darby Rusher said.

Brad and Darby Rusher's family is big.

They have two biological children, six foster children and, as of Friday, five adopted children. Antonio is the latest addition.

He told a judge "yes" on Friday to become a son and to have a mom and dad. His brother, Santonio, was adopted by the Rusher family this summer.

"It felt really good like knowing you finally have a family that will support you in everything you do," Santonio Wright-Rusher said.

The Jackson County Family Justice Center was full of families just like the Rushers on Friday. Thirty-nine children from Jackson County found forever families on a day where adoption is celebrated.

"He was going to be a part of our family no matter what forever but we're really glad we're making this a permanent statement to everyone," Darby Rusher said.

"I feel like I fit in, like it's my home," Antonio explained.

There are plenty of ways to become an advocate for foster children and children waiting to be adopted. CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates is one of those ways.

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