Nearly 400k passengers flying through KCI this Thanksgiving weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One of the busiest travel days of the year is causing grief for travelers taking to the skies, trying to get home for Thanksgiving.

"I was in Kansas City for business. I'm here trying to get home for Thanksgiving, so my family doesn't kill me for missing turkey day. Both of my flights are delayed by three hours," Liz Lafauce said as she waited to fly home to Queens, N.Y.

Delayed flights are thanks to morning fog in several areas that pushed many flights back by hours.

"We came up to meet our daughter from Columbus, Ohio, and we hear the fog was bad in St. Louis, and somehow they got stranded in St. Louis," Merrie Stewart of Lexington, Mo., said.

Although it's a hassle to rearrange plans the day before Thanksgiving, most passengers said they understand it could be much worse.

Trevor Ladner of Hiawatha, Kan., has been flying to visit his dad for years.

"I've been flying since I was six or seven, so this is my fifth delay in those years," he said. "It's not my worst."

"The day before Thanksgiving is the most traveled day in the United States, so I guess you just have to deal with it today. Any other day, I'd probably be more annoyed, but I get it," Lafauce said.

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