Two dozen arrested in nuclear-plant protest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two dozen people were arrested Saturday morning for trespassing at the entrance to the National Nuclear Security Administration's new south Kansas City complex in a peaceful protest against the nuclear weapons that will soon be built there.

Scheduled for completion sometime next year, the plant at 150 Hwy and Botts Road will replace the current nuclear-bomb-parts plant at the Bannister Federal Complex at Bannister and Holmes, now operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies. T

he plant does not work with fissile material, although it does make up to 85 percent of the non-nuclear parts of some of the nation's nuclear weapons.

The protestors were organized by the local chapter of PeaceWorks to coincide with Nuclear Abolition Week, July 6-13. About 100 people gathered at the site, praying, singing songs and speaking against nuclear weapons, before 23 of them crossed the property line and refused to leave, inviting arrest.







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