Negro Leagues Museum co-founder to travel to 90 cities to celebrate KC Monarchs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's rich baseball history is getting some positive exposure.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Kansas City Monarchs’ first World Series championship.

Now, one of the founding members of the Negro Leagues Museum is paying tribute.

There's no question Kansas City has always been a baseball town, and one man is taking his knowledge and love of the game on the road for all to enjoy.

"As a tribute to Kansas Monarchs I wanted to do something that probably has never been done before. I'm gonna go back to 90 cities where the Kansas City Monarchs played - granted they played in more than 90 cities - so I'm just picking just a small number of cities in celebration of the 90th anniversary of and go and give a special talk about the Kansas City Monarchs and how it relates to that city,” noted author and historian Phil Dixon said.

Dixon is taking the show on the road. It’s called the Kansas City Monarchs in Our Home Town. Those 90 cities include stops in towns all throughout Missouri and Kansas and as far away as Nashville, Tenn., serving as a link and storyteller of some of the games forgotten heroes.

"I’m having an opportunity to go to places where parks still exist and people there who want to know about the history of the Monarchs playing in their hometown, and it's been exciting,” Dixon said.

And as a co-founder of the Negro Leagues Museum, Dixon is always doing his part to uplift the legacy and encourage people to take in the history Kansas City has to offer at 18th and Vine.

"I have people all over the Midwest saying, ‘I got to get to that museum,’ and I’m encouraging them to get there, but it’s been a good run. I'm just so glad to see the museum doing so well, they've got a great staff and they've done some wonderful things and I'm just out there continuing to try to tell the story just like I was doing in the days before there was a museum," Dixon said.

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