Friend of Kasandra Perkins in shock over murder-suicide

RAYTOWN, Mo. - A friend of Kasandra Perkins and Jovan Belcher left flowers on the couple's doorstep Saturday night.

"It's been hell, honestly. Lots of crying, really shocked very shocked," Devene Dunson-Rusher explained. She was good friends with Perkins and had spent time with the couple at their home. The two women met in school several years ago.

"A couple days ago she was at the grocery store. We were just having baby talk," Dunson-Rusher said. "She'd asked how I was doing, how my pregnancy was going."

The two women had motherhood in common. Perkins had just given birth to a child three months ago. Belcher was the father. Now, after a terrible murder-suicide, that child is orphaned.

However, Dunson-Rusher never witnessed ill-feelings or fighting between the two.

"Like I said, Kasandra and Jovan, you know, I was here they seemed like they loved each other. They communicated very well. I could tell he was very appreciative of her," she explained.

She has no clue what could have changed the tone of their relationship. Though, she says their deaths will weigh heavy on her heart for years to come.

Kasandra has roots and family in Texas. Her parents declined to be interviewed in the wake of her death.

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