Neighbors: Bigger problems lie in area near reported rape in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The reported rape at Brady Park in Independence is something that neighbors think should have been prevented.

People who live nearby said the attack over the weekend is only part of a bigger problem.

Bryan Raines faced a judge Monday where he was formally charged with first degree rape and first degree sodomy. Raines had gashes on his head from two fast food workers who jumped in and stopped his assault on a woman Saturday evening.

It happened in the park behind Don Hinote's home. He said there are several problems with the homeless population.

According to court documents Raines told police he was a homeless drunk.

Hinote said, "Until we get rid of all the homeless people who have no respect for our neighborhood, for all the people."

Some problems for Hinote includes people constantly loitering on his property and stealing from his home. Just last year Independence police touted their "Core Process" with lowering crimes associated with homeless camps. The process tracks trends like theft and trespassing. 

Police used McCoy Park -- across the street from the rape -- as an example where crimes associated with the homeless dropped 20 to 30 percent. This assault, police say, was just one isolated incident.


"If it looks like there are any patterns developing in a particular area, CORE will identify those and start stepping up patrols and working more actively with the community," said Capt. Paul Thurman with Independence Police.


Raines has an extensive record. He's pleaded guilty to crimes including burglary, theft and drug possession.

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