Neighbors foil thieves' plan to steal copper wire from telephone cable

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Two men are behind bars for stealing thousands of feet of telephone cable which contains copper wire.

People who live in the 1200 block of South Osage called police after they noticed two men stripping the telephone cable behind one of the homes.

When Independence, Mo., police arrived, they confronted the two men who told officers they had found the wire in the wooded area and were picking it up.

"One of our officers dug a little more, as I say, and discovered that they had stolen wire from a well-known company," Tom Gentry, Independence Police Officer Spokesperson, said.

Officers determined they tried to steal two spools of the cable from a telephone company about two blocks away from the neighborhood.

Officers found the spools near a railroad track where a crew from Union Pacific used a lift to move the spools for police.

The two men are behind bars and expected to be charged soon.

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