Neighbors want Rockhurst chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon kicked out for partying

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People who live near a  Rockhurst University fraternity house want the organization out of the neighborhood.

Our cameras caught part of the police response over the weekend at the home at 5500 Forest Avenue.

We found broken beer bottles in the parking lot behind the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Some partiers even confronted our photojournalist after police busted up the event.

This is the second time neighbors have contacted 41 Action News since our last story on the excessive partying in May.
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They tell us once the Rockhurst University fraternity started renting the house almost eight years ago, their neighborhood went from quiet to chaotic.
"I know these are college kids. I don't mind them partying, but have respect for your neighbors," explained Georgia Young, who lives next door. "They have no respect."
She and her husband were one of two calls to police about the party they say started early Saturday afternoon and was still going on at midnight.
"I called and I said, 'Look, I'm tired of this,'" she said.
Rockhurst University officials tell 41 Action News they're still in the early stages of investigating the latest complaints police responded to.
"We have had meetings with them in the past about neighborhood disturbances, but it has been quite some time since we've had anything," said Sean Grube, assistant dean of students.
We also reached out to the fraternity. They did call us back and referred us to their national advisor, who hasn't returned our phone call or email yet.
According to Kansas City Police, officers have been called to the home three times since the beginning of the semester -- once on Sept. 8 for a noise complaint, and twice this weekend for loud music and public urination.
But Young said there have been many other disturbances.
"We don't call the police every time because we get the same run around," she said. "It's going to take three or four hours."
Surrounding neighbors say they plan to outlast even the loudest of parties.
"They're not going to run me out of my home," one neighbor said.
We searched property records and found MPC Ventures LLC bought the house in 2007. We reached out to the owner and haven't heard back.
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