Neo Nazi rally in Kansas City prompts national groups to unite in protest

KCMO police amp up security for neo Nazi rally

KANSAS CITY, MO - The National Socialist Movement is planning a big presence this weekend at the Jackson County courthouse.

Police said they are going to add security and not allow items such as firearms, backpacks, coolers or even baby carriages and car seats. 

The group has been largely criticized for their neo Nazi beliefs.

"There's bigotry, there's anti-Semitism in this country and they stand in the way of democracy," Leonard Zeskind, President of the Institute for Research and Education of Human Rights, said.

Buddy Rumble is the group's local director. He and a few dozen of his members are rallying against immigration reform.

"We're opposed to allowing all these illegals in here to be granted citizenship," Rumble said.

Their small rally is spurring a large response. A little more than two miles away from the courthouse, 10 human rights groups will gather.

"We're not going to just let it go by and people are going to stand up and say no to the Nazis," Zeskind said.

"I'm not concerned, none of us are concerned, I mean this is something that we've faced before in other cities," Rumble said.

Police had to form a human wall between a neo Nazi group and their opposers during a similar rally in Columbia, Mo., in 2007.

"We have got to respond to this, we cannot let them come to Kansas City," Anita Russell, a volunteer at the NAACP in Kansas City said.

She said they want a peaceful anti-rally, which is a big reason why they chose the Liberty Memorial as their location.

"We are standing up and we are not down with them," she said.

Rumble agrees to the peaceful rally; the meaning of the symbol guiding his message is another story.

"It's who we are," he said.

Both rallies will be on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 3 p.m.

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