New billing system has Riverside resident paying double the price for water, sewer

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - A new billing system in Riverside has some residents paying double the price for water and sewer.

Longtime Riverside resident Mary Smith said starting this month, she is getting two separate bills for water and sewer.

Her water bill from American Missouri Water says she used 6,500 gallons, but her sewer bill from Kansas City Missouri Water Services says she used 15 volumes. The sewer bill includes the equation "1 volume = 100 cubic ft. = 748 gallons."

According to her bills, she had 6,500 gallons coming into her home, and 11,220 gallons leaving her home.

"I asked them how can I get that water," Smith said. "Can I just snap my fingers?"

Smith said she usually pays about $50 a month for sewer, but this month her bill went up to $101. She's warning other Riverside residents to double check their bills.

"I just want to make sure that everyone else is aware to look at their bills and make sure those calculations are correct," Smith said.

She's been disputing the bill with both utility companies for a week but has not seen any changes.

41 Action News has had several conversations with both utilities, who continue to point fingers at each other. They said they will continue to look in to the matter and hope to resolve it in the coming days.

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