New evidence released regarding man's death following Arrowhead scuffle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Chiefs jersey, blue jeans and tennis shoes is the evidence Kansas City police took out of Independence man's home on Monday, a day after a man died due to a scuffle at Arrowhead Stadium.

Details of Monday's search warrant revealed undercover officers were looking for anything that might have "trace evidence" of a homicide.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner ruled the death of Kyle Van Winkle as a homicide Wednesday , but did not reveal what caused his death. Police will not say yet if it was the scuffle led to Van Winkle's death.

On Sunday, the owner of a green Jeep found Van Winkle sitting in his vehicle. Police said the vehicle looked similar to the car he arrived to the game in.

Officers said the owner thought Van Winkle was burglarizing his car. Witnesses said a group of people ran to help and began to punch him. According to police, Van Winkle collapsed and was unconscious.

Van Winkle's father, Dean, was with his son at the game. He left the game when his 30-year-old left for the bathroom and did not return.

Since he had the keys to their vehicle, his father walked back toward their Tahoe to see if his son was there and needed a warm place to sit.

Dean Van Winkle, a police sergeant for the Grandview Police Department, said he immediately became grief-stricken when he approached the taped-off crime scene. It was near the area where they had parked their car earlier in the day.

Dean said it was perhaps a law enforcement officer's sixth sense.

"It's still a mystery as to why he left the game in the first place," Dean said.
A close friend of Dean, a fellow officer, was the one who told him his son had already died at the hospital.

Van Winkle has a brother who was also at the game the night of the incident.
This week, Dean defended his son and said he was no thief. He said Kyle was the new father of a seven-month-old who had big dream for his son.
Police have arrested and released four persons of interest. Detectives are still investigating the case. It will be up to the Jackson County Prosecutor to decide if anyone will be charged in the case.

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