New microbreweries suddenly hopping in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's something brewing in Kansas City.

The micro and craft brewery business is suddenly hopping in the Kansas City metro area.

At least seven have opened since the beginning of 2013,  from Liberty to downtown Overland Park.

Two microbreweries, Kansas City Bier Company and Martin City Brewing Company,  opened in just the last week.
Since Tuesday's opening date, people have packed KC Bier Company's tasting room in Waldo.

So what's the beer buzz all about?

The Kansas City Biermeisters Club said the metro is slowly following a national trend.Today, there are nearly double the number of microbreweries nationwide - at more than 2,500 - than a decade ago.

U.S. craft beer exports has jumped more than 70 percent in the last few years

Chris Stenger, the former President of the KC Biermiesters Club, said, "(It's the) same with artisanal bread and coffee. People want something different; we're not a Wonder Bread generation anymore. People want something with flavor and character."

Steve Holle, KC Bier Company's founder, said, "I would call it a mini explosion compared to the rest of the country; there have been 12 to 15 new ones open in St. Louis in just the last three years."

Still, Stenger said it also helps that one of the first big microbreweries - Boulevard Brewery - put Kansas City has on the map since the 1980's.

Its new Belgian owner, Duval, said, after buying the company in late 2013,  that it's keeping the brewery in Kansas City because the city's identity will help sell the beer worldwide.

Here's a list of new micro and craft breweries in the Kansas City area:

Brew Lab - 8004 Foster, Overland Park

Cinder Block Brewery - 110 E 18th Ave, North KCMO

Green Room Burgers & Beer - 4010 Pennsylvania Ave, KCMO

Kansas City Bier Co. - 310 W. 79th St., Waldo

Martin City Brewing Co -  410 E. 135th St., Martin City
Rock & Run Brewery - 110 E. Kansas, Liberty  

Big Rip - 216 East 9th Ave., North KCMO

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