New Polsinelli Shughart building right on schedule

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Leaders of Kansas City's second largest law firm say their new building in the Country Club Plaza is right on schedule. The project sits on 48th street, between Roanoke Parkway and Belleview Avenue.

There was a past controversy about the firm's plans to put a building on the Plaza. Advertising mogul Bob Bernstein planned to make a high-end mixed use development at a different location. A local developer called it the "Guggenheim." Its architect is the famous Moshe Safdie. The 48th Street design has been toned down since.

Polsinelli Shughart plans to make the appearance of the nine-story, 250,000 square foot building blend in with the Country Club Plaza's look.

"I hope they'll like it very much," says CEO W. Russ Welsh. "As you know, we went through some challenges with the first design. But it's a good solution for West Edge, it's a good solution for the city and it's a good solution for our firm."

The project should be completed 18 months from now, in October of 2013. It will also include a retail component and a 120-room boutique hotel to be located on the neighboring property.

Polsinelli Shughart employs about 500 lawyers and staff locally.

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