New report creates profile for radical extremists who commit murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new report links radical white supremacists, like Glenn Miller, to two online forums promoting anti-Semitism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center released the report Thursday, weeks earlier than planned because of the Jewish Campus Shootings. They believe they've discovered 10 characteristics unique to racist extremists who become killers. The SPLC spent two years researching and tracking people who regularly post on two websites, StormFront and Vanguard News Network, VNN.
Miller was only allowed to post to VNN. Miller spoke with a SPLC staff member last fall.    

"I've done a lot of violence, I'm too old now, but I've gone a hell of a lot of violence on behalf of my race over the years," Miller said.

Some of the common characteristics SPLC discovered include the majority were unemployed, live with their mother or estranged wife and they participate and post in online forums discussing racism and anti-Semitism.

Mark Potok with SPLC believes Miller fits the profile.

"One aspect of the Glenn Miller story is the enormous amount of energy he spent online with other racists," Potok said. "Glenn Miller didn't post on StormFront, but that was for a simple reason, he was banned there as a race traitor, someone who had testified against other racist leaders."

The creator of StormFront, Don Black, banned Miller from ever posting on his website.

"He testified against friends of mine even," Black said. "We ban people all the time that insist on even suggesting illegal activity, much less advocating because we are conscious of where that could lead."

"We're very much in favor of free speech; however we do hope the kind of warning signs, the common feature of these people who became killers, especially right before they began to kill will prove to be useful to law enforcement," Potok said.

The SPLC reports Miller posted more than 12,000 times on VNN in the last five years. The website's founder lives in Kirksville, Mo.

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