New support for SWECC employees suspended after alleged rape at their school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local pastor is voicing his support for a former Kansas City principal following an alleged rape at his school.

On Wednesday night, several church leaders, including Father John Spicer, attended the KCPS board meeting because they said they have a stake in the future of the students and staff at Southwest Early College Campus and say it isn’t right for teachers and students to be living under a cloud of uncertainty.

"We fear that the district is setting up Dr. Richardson and the teachers as scapegoats," Father John Spicer said.

Father Spicer is fighting for a local principal put on leave after a student with autism was allegedly raped at Southwest Early College Campus.

"We want the district to bring the investigation to a conclusion so that the principal and the teachers can move on with their lives if that's what they need to do," he said.

Father Spicer leads a coalition of local churches that have supported the staff and students at SWECC for years. He claims Dr. Ed Richardson tried to take steps to make the school safer.

"From what Dr. Richardson has told us, he requested addition security months before the attacks in April took place," he said.

The district said it is happy to work with local churches to improve SWECC and other schools but couldn't disclose further details

"It is a personnel matter. It is an ongoing legal investigation and the administration will have comment when it has come to a resolution," Board Chairman John Hile said.

Now, as a principal and six teachers are stuck in limbo, a local church community is begging a district and community to come together.

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