News of highway shooting suspect met with relief, skepticism by victims

LEES SUMMIT, Mo. - Three victims say they're relieved, but still skeptical after police announced they had arrested a suspect in the search for the highway shooter.

A woman whose car was shot with her daughter inside, a man shot in the arm and another whose car was shot on his way home all had the same response:  "I hope it's really him."

Tom McFarlin heard the news from a co-worker. His car was shot at twice on the passenger's side where his son normally sits. He said he feels more secure driving on the highway knowing a suspect has been caught.

"Just kind of like putting a face and something to that person versus a random highway shooter," he said.

He's got a lot of questions for the shooter.

"What's the motive behind it?" he said, "What was the point of all this?"

He says he’s relieved, but wants to make sure it's the right person.

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