Nine-year-old suffering from cancer receives surprise from his community

GLADSTONE, Mo. - A 9-year-old boy from Gladstone, Mo. received a special surprise from his favorite motorcycle brand-Harley Davidson. Both Harley-Davidson and the community came together to give Caden McGuire a pile of gifts for his bedroom.

Caden has had a rough ride. When he was five he was diagnosed with brain cancer. His cancer went into remission following surgery, but in January of this year doctors said his cancer returned and is now in his spine.

Doctors gave Caden a twenty percent chance to live. Now, he spends his summer days going through chemotherapy.

"I really want to stop cancer," McGuire said. “It’s hard. Sometimes I feel sick and I have to take about 10 pills a day.”

Caden’s mother, Crystal Shoemaker, recently lost her job because she had to take a significant amount of time off to take care of Caden. Now, she’s struggling to make ends meet for her family.

"You never imagine your kids being sick. He was healthy when he was born and you see all these other sick kids and you pray to god that your kid never gets sick and then you hear that your kid's sick and it's just overwhelming," Shoemaker said. 

Caden received a sleeping bag, several t-shirts and a host of other gifts from the Harley-Davidson store. Caden also got a special ride on his favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

"He's a strong kid, he's going to fight this all the way and I believe it. We pray every day,” Shoemaker said. 

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