Non-discrimination ordinance battle not over in Roeland Park

The battle over a non-discrimination ordinance in Roeland Park may not be over.

Some residents want a city-wide vote after council members reversed their position Monday night .

This ordinance will give people in the LGBT community equal protection under the law.

Doug Long explained he thinks this is “a waste of city energy.”

Now, others in the community plan to start a petition.

In part because they don’t think the city had a problem in the first place. Long said, “There's no issue whatsoever that anyone can find or claim. I've talked to the police chief, I've talked to merchants, I've talked to everybody, there's no case of it so this is just all political ploy to get their agenda through.”

The Mayor voted to break a tie in the city council vote.

He believes the ordinance was necessary for residents in his community.

“I don't believe they are protected from my understanding. I think it creates a better environment for our city. I know we have a great many citizens who fall directly under the LGBT classification and so many more with family members,” said Mayor Joel Marquardt.

The residents opposed to the ordinance will need to get more than 400 signatures to be put on a ballot.

The Mayor said that is part of the democratic process, if people feel strongly to do so that's their right.


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