Northland woman meets more new relatives following her Facebook post, interview on 41 Action News

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Leanna Launer has had a life-changing 48 hours.

The Northland woman's 8-year search to find her biological relatives ended Thursday and since then she has met at least 10 new family members including her biological dad.

On Thursday at a restaurant in the Northland, Launer saw her father for the first time since she was a baby. Her dad is Mark Breeden and he lives in Springfield, Mo.

"I got a call that my daughter was here in Kansas City trying to find me, so I got my family and got in the car and came," explained Breeden.

"I've missed a lot of years and I plan to catch up," Breeden added.

Launer began her mission to find her birth parents on Facebook , posting a picture that eventually reached viral status. She said the entire experience is hard to believe.

"It's incredible and I'm just so happy to finally meet him," Launer added.

Thursday night, Launer met her half-sister, Jessica , and other relatives she didn't know she had.

"it's a lot to take-in," explained Launer.

Her successful search is bitter-sweet. Her search revealed that her biological mother, Lucinda Ellen Armstrong, died almost four years ago.  Launder said she knows where her mother is buried and she plans to visit her mother's grave soon.

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