One bar of soap will help thousands of children in Mali

"A bar of soap can change the way people live"

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Soap is normally used for hygiene, but it can also be used to help thousands of people in Mali, Africa.

Hippo Soap is selling bars of soap to raise money for the Wash Project.

It's an educational program in Mali, where 7,200 children will learn the importance of using soap to wash their hands.

"Hippo Soap is the reminder that great change can happen in small increments. This is an opportunity for kids who are going to school in other countries who don't have access to soap can develop healthy habits. A bar of soap can change the way people live," co-founder Barclay Martin said.

Sales from each locally made bar of soap will also go toward a women's entrepreneurial program.

This will help women learn how to make soap in Mali.

"It's really run by the communities. We know the people that live in the communities -- they have the answers. They know what they need. They know how to move forward and Hippo Soap creates a vehicle for them to be able to do that," Martin said.

Hippo Soap is holding an official launch party from 7:30-10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 1 at Quixotic Studios in the 2800 block of Cherry in Kansas City, Mo.

The reason the organization chose to call the project Hippo Soap is because Hippo means Mali in their native language.

"We thought we'd call it Hippo Soap because no matter where this project travels, Hippo Soap will always be reminded of its roots," Martin said.

The group says they plan to expand their soaps to other areas and countries in Africa, and hopefully around the world.

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