'Shock-Hawk' fan tracks two teams in the big dance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - He may have gotten his graduate degree at KU, but a shocking upset allows fan Brian Quick to cheer on his undergrad alma mater this year, too.

Quick was in the stands at Sprint Center for KU's nail-biter of a game this weekend.

"I was sore, it was tense. We were jumping up and down," he said.

But when he watched Wichita State shock Gonzaga right out of the big dance, he was twice as ecstatic.

"Shockers weren't shocked, but we did some shocking."

Now Sweet 16 shirts are selling well for both teams and fans are getting ready to make some sweet trips to follow their tournament sweethearts.

People are already calling Shelton Travel for help getting to Dallas. Owner Mark Ebbitts says people shouldn't get distracted by packages. Instead, find the best deal on game tickets. In a city as big as Dallas, hotel rooms won't be hard to find.

"I think the key is the tickets," he said. "The tickets govern the price."

And if you're already crossing your fingers for a trip to the Final Four with the Jayhawks, Ebbitts says be ready to click send as soon as the buzzer ends Sunday night. Waiting until Monday morning to book your Final Four trip to Atlanta could end up costing you as much as $150 per person for airline tickets alone.

"As soon as the final buzzer hits, if KU is in it, start locking things up," said Ebbitts.

Ebbits also says avoid three and four night minimums for hotels by getting away from the city center in either Dallas or Atlanta.

Quick isn't traveling, he will cheer on his teams from home. The question is - who takes priority? Jayhawks or Shockers?

He says he's neutral. "Shock-hawk? I'll take that!" For now.


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