Opening of Verruckt on hold for now

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The sign says Verruckt has generated more than $2 million in publicity for Kansas City and it's not even open yet. But news of the repeated delays has some concerned.

"I'd do it after it's been open for a couple months," Schlitterbahn visitor Sarah Liston said.

For a third time, Schlitterbahn Waterpak has uninvited guests to ride the world's tallest water slide. They did release a video giving fans a birdseye view of what they're missing.

The 17-story attraction drops riders more than 160 feet at more than 40 miles per hour.

"Parks and water parks, they live and die by their safety record," theme park expert and author Peter Trabucco said.

Trabucco has never been on Verruckt, but said its G-force or force of gravity, will be terrifying.

"Negative G is like falling out of an airplane basically. And that's probably going to be a real eye opener for most people that have not experience negative Gs. We call that eyeballs out," he said.

It's an eye-popping plunge people all over the world are still waiting to take.

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