Orrick tornado devastates homes and high school

ORRICK, Mo. - The twister that burrowed through Orrick, Mo., has forced residents and the high school graduation to relocate.

The roof at the Orrick High School and the nearby shop area are completely gone, but wind damage is evident throughout the building,

The adjoined buildings house all of the town's school-age children, pre-k through 12th grade.

Janell Wilson and her two boys are concerned about the remainder of the school year. They walked to the school on Sunday to see the damage of learning school had been canceled or Monday and Tuesday. Now, they're concerned about the remainder of the school year.

"It's your community. It's kind of sad to see that, and we're so close to the end," Wilson shared.

District superintendent Aerin O'Dell has canceled school for the next two days. School officials on the state level will decide if the district needs to find a temporary location.

PHOTOS: Storm damage in Orrick, Mo.

"There are different rules that schools have to follow as far as how many days and hours they must attend school, and I have been in contact with our state supervisor ," Odell said.

Seventh grader, Stephanie McElwee says normally, she'd love to start summer break early; but Saturday's tornado changed everything.

"I'm not really sure we could come back to school, but I hope we do because I want to see my friends and make sure they're all ok, because it's been rough for everyone," McElwee shared.

The May 18th high school graduation has been moved to Excelsior Springs High School.

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