Overland Park city officials remove illegal signs

The city of Overland Park sends teams of workers into neighborhoods every year remove illegally placed signs. On Friday morning, workers collected hundreds of signs that advertised various businesses.

Last year, compliance workers removed more than 1000 signs, many of which were duplicates of a previous sign sweep.

Suzanne Coleman is a compliance officer for the city of Overland Park. She says some of the businesses replace the illegally placed signs, even after she and her co-workers remove them.

"I think for some of the businesses, they'd rather pay the fine for the benefits of the advertisement," Coleman said.

A city-wide survey indicated homeowners are fed up with the signs that clutter their easements and intersections.

Overland Park resident Mary Bridges said she rarely reads the signs and agrees that too many signs are not good for the neighborhood.

"It doesn't bother me unless it's sign on top of sign on top of sign," she said.

Bridges believes lost pets and temporary signs for realtors should be the exception. The city of Overland Park disagrees. They want all of their easements free of signs so drivers and residents can see clearly without clutter.

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