Parents, advocates lobby for law mandating rear visibility technology in all vehicles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The local Kids and Cars Organization said a child is killed or injured unintentionally by "backover" accidents every single week in the United States.

Two parents and safety advocates are asking a court to order the U.S. Department of Transportation to enforce a 2011 law that mandates rear visibility technology in every vehicle.

The law didn't state which kind of technology had to be used; a camera, a mirror, or a beeping system. It left that up to the government, which still hasn't decided.

"The auto industry has fought every single safety feature that's ever been put into cars  - seat belts, airbags, back up cameras. You name it they've fought it," Amber Rollins with the Kids and Cars Organization said.

Rollins said backup cameras will be cheaper once they're standard in all vehicles. She also argues there isn't a price that families of children who have been victim of backover accidents wouldn't pay to get their children back.

They asked the courts to make a decision in 90 days

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