Parents express outrage over new pawn shop on Troost Avenue

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some parents are outraged about a new pawn shop on Troost Avenue.

Smart Pawn on 63rd and Troost advertised guns and ammunition in big letters on the front of the store.

Families voiced concern and in response store officials took down the sign.

Parents said that is a step in the right direction but they want to see further action.

They said the last thing the Troost area needs is easy access to guns.

"Personally, I still wish they were not selling guns and ammunition right here in the inner city. It is something no neighborhood needs. We do not need it, no neighborhood needs it." said Erin Schmidt, a mother of two.

"It is not right. Why don't they take these pawn shops and put them where they are not having any crime instead of coming down here with this neighborhood. We are trying to revise it but people come in here and they are just trying to come here so they can make money" said resident, Ella Little.

Smart Pawn officials said they will make sure customers meet age requirements and pass a background check.

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