Parents of missing baby Lisa speak on blog talk radio show

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - "I absolutely 120 percent believe she is alive and we will bring her home," Deborah Bradley said on a radio broadcast Friday evening.

"It's getting beyond ridiculous that we can't find her," Lisa's father Jeremy Irwin said.

Their infant daughter, Lisa, captured the attention of people all around the globe after disappearing from her home in the middle of the night back in October of 2011.

"It was instant panic running around looking for her," Bradley said.

She did the majority of the talking during the hour-long blog talk radio show called "Missing and Exploited" hosted by a mother whose daughter is also still missing.

She went over the night Lisa went missing and talk extensively about the police investigation.

The family is convinced Lisa is alive and is being raised as someone else's daughter.

"The chances of Baby Lisa being in the Kansas City area, I don't believe, are all that strong," the family's attorney John Picerno said, "The national media and the exposure which has been the focus since the beginning is she is out there somewhere in the world and that somebody somewhere is going to see her."

For more information here is the Find Baby Lisa Irwin website. There is also a Facebook Page with information on the $100,000 reward.

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