Reaction to Cleveland case mixed among parents of Kansas City's missing teens

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mother of missing Belton, Mo., teen Kara Kopetsky called the latest development in the Cleveland case "a wonderful miracle."

Three women who had been missing for about 10 years were found alive and well.

"I'm so happy for those families," Kara's mother, Rhonda Beckford, said.

But Beckford does not believe her daughter will be found alive.

"We believe she was killed," Beckford said. "But we still want her body, and we still want answers about what happened."

Kara has been missing for six years. Her body has not been found and no one has been arrested in the case.

Donald and Donna Ross' son, Jesse Ross, has been missing from Belton since November of 2006. 

Jesse was 19 years old when he went to Chicago, Ill., to attend  a conference when he disappeared.

A surveillance picture at his hotel captured the last sighting of him in Chicago. 

The resolution of the three missing persons cases in Cleveland gives Donna Ross new hope that his son will also be found. 

"When I read the story this morning, I cried," Donna explained. "I cried because I'm thrilled for those families in Cleveland, but it is also a reminder that Jesse is still gone."

Jesse's father, Don, has written two books since his son's disappearance.

"I believe if Jesse could find a way out he would," Don said. "Everyday is a new day, and there is new hope that my son will be found. All we can do is hope and pray and keep putting his story in the news media so that someone may tell us something that will lead us to our son."

Don and Donna Ross said they are also hopeful for the thousands of other families with missing children that their loved ones will come home.

"We would love it if Jesse walked though that front door, but we still celebrate when other families are reunited with their missing children," Donna said.

You can see the full list of missing persons case on the Kansas City Police Department site at

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