Parents unable to fathom a shooting taking place at an elementary school

RAYTOWN, Mo. - It was an unfathomable sight, one no parent ever imagines will happen.

"The one thing I kept thinking about, were the parents who were walking out without their children," Tiffani Peterson said.

Peterson said she was glued to her TV, watching the story unfold.

Just like many other parents, Peterson automatically pictured her own daughter in the classroom, along with her teachers and her friends.

"I don't know what I would have done. I don't know what I would do without Anie," Peterson cried.

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Every day, Peterson drops off her daughter at school, a place that has always been safe and familiar to everyone.

"Until today, I hadn't been fearful of her to go to school," Peterson said.

"When I heard that it was 20 children had been killed, I don't know how, how that happened."

Peterson's next thought was how she would explain to Anie what did happen, and what an innocent child should do in the same situation.

"What would you do?" Peterson asked her daughter.

"I would follow my teacher," Anie replied.

"Good. That's what mamma wants to hear," Peterson said.

Teaching her daughter about the possibility of a shooting at school is something Peterson said she never expected she would have to do. She said she will, however, just to make sure her little girl knows she will always be protected by those who love her.

"I want her to know that there are bad things that happen out there, but I also want her to feel safe," Peterson said.

"Come Monday, I will kiss her, and I will love her, and I will pray that God protects her."

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