Park Hill South names special needs student full of school spirit Homecoming Queen

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A school's Homecoming football game is always a special night for students, alumna, fans and most of all, the Homecoming court. The 2012 Homecoming game at Park Hill South was memorable for everyone — most of all, Homecoming Queen Allyssa Brubeck.

Allyssa is a senior member of the cheerleading squad and has incredible school spirit — even wearing a Park Hill South purple dress for Homecoming this year — and she has Down syndrome.

"She cheered the first quarter with her varsity cheer squad," said Cindy Small, Allyssa's mom. "She changed after the first quarter into her dress she was going to wear for the dance."

Each of the parents accompanying his or her court-member children was excited to hear who would be named king and queen.

"It was our turn (to make our way down the field). We started and all of the sudden there was this roar," Small said. "It was just crazy. People were clapping and chanting ‘Allyssa! Allyssa!" There was a lot of family and cheer squad was down front, and people were just really excited."

Then the excitement really started for Allyssa.

"They were going to call the candidate and everything got really, really quiet," Small said. "And then they called Allyssa."

"I jumped up and down," Allyssa said. "I waved to the crowd and got flowers. I was very, very excited for it."

It was a moment Allyssa's family will forever remember.

"The crowd just went crazy. People were crying and there was just joy. It was incredible just to see the students and faculty so excited for Allyssa," Small said. "We were all pretty surprised."

Allyssa's family has been getting a lot of attention since Friday's announcement.

"We've learned how to Twitter, and so we've seen what people have been saying on Twitter and Facebook. We're just getting a lot of responses from a lot of people. The Down Syndrome Guild posted it. They're a great resource," Small said.

And when asked how she felt about her daughter's new status as Homecoming queen?

"I'm pretty proud. We're involved in a lot of things," she said. "This school allows so much integration for special needs kids, and I know a lot of schools don't offer that opportunity. We're already blessed to get to be in cheer.

"I'm already proud of all the students here at South. That's a big thing — Homecoming queen — for a girl. It's something they're always going to remember when they go to college and for life. For the students to give Allyssa that opportunity, it's just incredible. We're just really happy."

And for Allyssa, walking the halls of Park Hill South wearing her crown got her a lot of attention.

"(They were saying) ‘Congratulations' and ‘Good job,'" Allyssa said. "It's pretty awesome. The students are awesome."

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