Parking changes for Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium

Fans planning to tailgate at Arrowhead will encounter some changes this year.
The Chiefs made adjustments to try and make getting in and out of the parking lot easier.
"Granted, whenever you're putting 70,000 people in one place at one time you're going to have traffic issues, but we can take steps to mitigate those and make it easier for fans to get here," David Young, Vice President of Stadium Operations, explained.
One of the busiest entrances, Gate 5, will now only accept cars with pre-paid parking passes.
The Director of Fan Experience, Jayne Martin, said this will encourage drivers to by passes in advance.
"Gate 3, 4 is one that's been a little under-utilized so by diverting all non prepaid parking passes to gate 3,4 that will help us get traffic flow at gate 5 through much quicker," Martin said. 
Cars will now go counter clockwise around the stadium to help the flow of traffic.
Tailgating groups will now need to arrive at the same gate at the same time to get a spot together.
Also, all tailgating equipment like coolers, grills and tents will need to be within eight feet of your car. That's to allow an aisle for emergency vehicles.
Young said these changes aren't in response to the death in the parking lot of Arrowhead last year.
"Our security plans are really in place for the safety of all of our fans. We have a pretty robust response for anything that may happen in our parking lot," Young said.
The Chiefs want to get feedback from fans about the changes and find out what they can do to improve their experience.
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