Crews demolish church that partially collapsed in early August

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Demolition crews tore down the remains of a church that partially collapsed three weeks ago.

The crews showed up at about 7 a.m. Saturday to bulldoze the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith Church on Independence Avenue, leveling the church in a matter of hours. They then started removing the debris. 

Excavator buckets ripped through the brick and cement that formed the church more than 80 years ago.

Area residents and former members stopped and starred as heavy equipment clawed away at the structure.

Vasti Sanchez and her friends took pictures.

She was one of about 60 people who narrowly escaped on Aug. 7 as the back of the building crumbled to the ground. 

It saddens her to see it destroyed, but the subtle rainbow that formed overhead somehow made everything better. 

“Just another sign that god is with us; how he was with us that day,” Sanchez said. “For many of us it’s our home, but for many of us seeing it tearing down, they might knock down the building, but we’re going to keep the memories there for the members and the visitors too.”

The church pastor said he does not know what's to come of the property.  As of right now, his congregation will continue to meet in KCK. 

He said they hope to one day move back into the neighborhood.

The church's insurance company ultimately decided that the building could not be salvaged. 

The city is monitoring the demolition to ensure that people and surrounding buildings are safe.

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