Teens won't be charged in playground pellet gun shootings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of teenagers will not face any charges for firing a pellet gun at a playground full of children.

Kansas City police officers caught the six teenagers Wednesday afternoon after a parent called police for the second time in two days. The parent contacted 41 Action News earlier on Wednesday concerned about the safety of children at the new playground in the Gracemor neighborhood. 
"We were down behind the rock climbing in the jungle gym area. I heard ... pop, pop, pop and dings on the metal at the playground," Thomas Boomershine recounted. "I looked up and one of the kids in the car had a black pistol. I could tell it wasn't a firearm."
Boomershine called police on Tuesday, but he said they never showed up. He did go into the Shoal Creek Police Station Wednesday to file a report. Afterwards he contacted 41 Action News, and we went out to meet him at the park.
"When I got here to meet you, I noticed a car full of young kids. It was a different car from yesterday, but they were shooting a pellet gun," he said. "So, I called police again." 
This time officers arrived just before we did. The teens will not face any charges, and they even get to keep the pellet gun.
"We give them a quick educational lesson here, that's it, and then we kick them loose and contact their parents letting them know what's going on so they can handle it at home," said Ofc. Pfaff with the KCPD.
"Shooting toward a playground full of kids -- even if you're a stupid kid ... you're not that stupid," Boomershine said.
We did reach out to the group of teens, but they didn't want to talk. The parents who contacted us are just happy there is now a paper trail about what happened, so if it happens again the teens could face more serious consequences.
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